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optimanovel Cling wrap Film ® 45 CMS x 100MTRS. NON PVC & ECO FRIENDLY

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optimanovel Food wrap Cling film is Non PVC and ECO friendly.Guaranteed length of 100 mtrs. in 45 cms width , Transparent Very useful Kitchen essential. Migration Free – As it neither contains plasticizers nor stabilizers. Hence is 100 % Non Toxic. Excellent Barrier Properties – It keeps food fresh, hygienic and Odor free. Crystal Clear Transparency More Economical than PVC due to low density and more stretch ability.Microwave safe completely. 100 % recyclable hence eco friendly. It meets latest EU Food contact regulations (EU Directive 2002/72/EEC) NO SELLER IS AUTHORIZED TO SELL OUR BRAND 'optimanovel Cling wrap film'. Warning-Unauthorized Traders shall be strictly prosecuted under Trademark act from unlawfully using trademark, sue for damages and secure destruction of infringing goods and labels.

Protects Food from dust,insects & bacteria,Width of 45 cms.,Odor Free,Excellent Barrier properties due to better oxygen & water vapor Transmission,Non Toxic & Non PVC.

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