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Barrier Grain bag OR Hermitage Bag – Cost effective storage solutions for farmers{ 26"x52"}

  • Rs. 2,025.00

is a multi-layered bulk solution recommended for the storage of grains & commodities. BGB provides shelf life for six to nine months and in some cases even for longer period of time to protect against insects and pests without the use of pesticide.

´Easy to use bag lining solution

´Affordable & economical packaging solution

´Green, pesticide free, environment-friendly solution

´Protects commodity from infestation and mold growth

´Puncture resistance

´Increase shelf life

'Resists the penetration of cowpea weevils

'High CO2 level kills living insects and suppresses new development.

'Low O2 level prevents myco- and aflatoxins development and chemical oxidation.

'This hermetic condition is kept as long as no gas leak from any opening or permeating through the storage material.


´Safe Harvest

´Reduce wastage

´Increase farmers income

´Secure food grain

´Improve quality of life of farmer

´Green and easy to use technology

´Easy Storage and transport 

 Applications / Usage:

Beans & Tea,Cocoa, Coffee, Tea, Peanuts, Cashew.

Seeds - Food crop, Horticulture.

Food Grains,Pulses, Lentils, Cereals.

All type of Spices, Herbs.

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