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optimanovel ™ Manual Pallet Truck-2.5T(Lifting Capacity)

  • Rs. 18,000.00
  • Save Rs. 2,000

Pallet Trucks

We offer to our clients a Hydraulic Hand Pallet Trucks that has high load bearing capacity of 2.0T,2.5T,3.0T,5.0T as requried and are provided with nylon wheels for quiet and smooth rolling over rough surfaces. It is also equipped with a one-piece "C" section forks for greater strength and a sully strengthened chassis along inside of forks.

Hydraulic pallet trucks that have high load bearing capacity and require minimum maintenance. These are equipped with Nylon roller wheels and fork size of 1130 x 520 LXW. Highly easy to operate, these trucks require minimum pulling power. The pallet truck also has bushed metal to metal parts that do not require any greasing and it also has a control lever with three-positions of up, neutral and down

  • Low Maintenance
  • Maximum Maneuverability
  • Silent In Operation
  • No Oil Leakage
  • Robust quality with considerate design

Application Hydraulic hand pallet truck is widely used in various industries to lift loads.

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