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optimanovel ™ Vacuum Pack Machines

  • Rs. 94,000.00

1.Model: VP 400 /500* /600*      
2.Chamber :Single /Double
3.Sealing width :10mm ; Sealing Length :400 /500/600 mm; No of sealing blades:2
4.Vacuum Chamber(mm) : 440x420x100 ,580x525x100* ,700x620x250* (*With Gas flushing Timing Regulation)
5.Weight :110/125/150 kgs
6. Sealing Power:500/750/900 watts.
These machines are used to remove air from  the chamber and seal with Nitrogen to enhance product shelf life .Special machines like pillow vaccum pack,vertical vaccum pack machines can be supplied on request.Photos are indicative only.

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